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Sunday, November 13, 2011

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Friday, October 21, 2011

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Train to Kashmir (Photos)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kashmir Rail Link : A Bureaucratic Disaster...

Posted By: Suresh Tripathi

"The Railways has always operated from a position of strength. This would be the first time when we will be announcing to the whole world that we were totally wrong. I do not think we can do that...!"
“Can we afford to tell the Prime Minister we’ve made a serious mistake? But mentioning costs could put us behind bars... the Railways will lose credibility... and it will amount to not a national but an international catastrophe...!”
NEW DELHI : These are some of the startling fears expressed by senior-most Railway officials connected with the bungled 'Kashmir Rail Link Project' in a brainstorming session organised in June 2008 by Mr Shriprakash, then general manager, Northern Railway. The official audio-recordings of the event, reveal not only the construction fiasco along the most crucial 120-km Katra-Banihal stretch of the national project ~ where work remains at a virtual standstill ~ but also the beginnings of a bureaucratic cover-up that continues even on Minister for Railway Km. Mamata Banerjee's watch.
By June 2008, six years after the project to link the Kashmir Valley by rail to the rest of the country was fast-tracked and a year after it was supposed to be completed, the 120 KM stretch had only seen 10 per cent progress amidst widespread fiascoes ~ collapsing tunnels and portals, escalating expenditure and contractor claims ballooning to over Rs. 1,200 crore. The root of the problem lay in the engineering plan itself. For six years, top officials, eager to award contracts, had ignored warnings, rushed into a hit-and-miss construction plan along the crucial stretch without relevant geo-technical data, and prevented scrutiny of the ensuing disaster by presenting a false picture of progress.

By 2008, however, a chief engineer of the project, Mr. A K Verma, had not only blown the whistle but also presented the Railway Board with an alternative alignment plan that laid bare the engineering blunder and forced the Member Engineering, Mr. S K Vij, to suspend work and order a review. The alternative solution sought to substantially reduce not only costs by thousands of crore rupees but also the length from 126 to 68 km, the number of bridges from 94 to seven and tunnels from 64 to eight. This was to be achieved by avoiding a serpentine route and, instead, tunnelling straight through the centre of the mountains at a sharper gradient to safeguard against landslides and reduce contact along seismic fault-lines.
The recordings of the brainstorming session show several jittery bureaucrats who were involved in the bungled plan since its inception banding together to prevent its abandonment in favour of the chief engineer's scheme. During the session, Mr. R R Jaruhar, who had, with Mr. Rakesh Chopra, held key posts overseeing the six-year fiasco, expressed fears of being put behind bars if costs were compared and stated that the Prime Minister had been heard saying that if the Railways could build a railway line in Kashmir they could do anything. "Do you want to go back and tell him that, Sir, we have made a serious mistake? Can you afford to say this...?" asked Mr. Jaruhar.
The admissions of Mr. Ankush Krishan and Mr. Anurag Mishra, the managing directors of IRCON and KRCL respectively, the two PSUs incharge of construction, show the nature of the "mistake" ~ contracts were signed and construction rushed into in 2003 without basic investigations, survey maps, contour sheets or aerial satellite maps, by "betting" on the geology and topography and making "adjustments" on the ground. Rather than allow for the examination of the chief engineer's solution and admit the fiasco, the consensus of the brainstorming session submitted to the Railway Board by Mr. SriPrakash was that the original plan should not be abandoned.
"The Railways has always operated from a position of strength. This would be the first time when we will be announcing to the whole world that we were totally wrong. I do not think we can do that...!" said Mr. Anurag Mishra, managing director of Konkan Railways Corporation Limited.
The cover-up has only gathered steam since. Chief engineer Mr. A K Verma, who was kept away from the brainstorming session by his general manager Mr. Shriprakash, was soon handed transfer orders. His proposal was never examined by the expert committee set up to do so. The original alignment has been maintained, despite even the compromised expert committee finding 75 per cent of it worthy of being scrapped, and Mr. E Sreedharan, Chief of Delhi Metro warning that costs would escalate four to five times, that the resultant alignment would be unstable, and the high bridges would be a security threat.
The latest Northern Railway's monthly report shows that progress along the 120 km is negligible; even the stability of the slopes alongside the planned Anji and Chenab bridges have not yet been determined.
However, current chief administrative officer of the project Mr. R K Gupta has, stated that construction is in "full swing" and that Northern Railway is confident of meeting its 2017 completion-date target. His optimism is well in line with that exhibited by earlier project officials who kept promising the government that construction would be complete by 15 August 2007 even as failure and infructuous expenditure continued on the ground.

This article about the Train in Kashmir. Thanks to Railway Samaachaar. with courtesy to that blog I am sharing that article here.
Mother Link: http://paripurnarailwaysamachar.blogspot.com/2011/02/kashmir-rail-link-bureaucratic-disaster.html

Train to Kashmir: the engineering spectacle in plan

Submitted by aurora on Tue, 2008-04-15 12:07

India is undertaking one of its most challenging railway projects ever by building a line to connect the state of Jammu and Kashmir with the Himalayan foothills. Far from being an ordinary scheme, the 290 km route crosses major earthquake zones, and is subjected to extreme temperatures of cold and heat, as well as inhospitable terrain.The Kashmir Railway has been under construction since 1994 by various railway companies in India. They have been engaged in building one of the most spectacular railway lines in the world. When completed this line will link the city of Jammu in the Northern plains of India with city of Srinagar in the Himalayan Valleys and beyond. ..This project has had a long and chequered history but as of 2006 serious progress is being made after it was declared a National Priority Project in 2001. Planned date of completion was August 15, 2007, but several unforeseen complications have pushed back the final completion deadline to some time in 2009. The Banihal tunnel is scheduled for completion only in 2011, hence further delays are likely.Kashmir has long been separated from India by a lack of suitable transport routes. Currently the only way to reach the area is by a hairpin-road journey. The area also sparks many political debates, as Kashmiri's are not sure what they want and outside forces interfere with progress. The 290 km extension of the Indian Railway network will allow a 900 km (560 mile) journey direct from Delhi in India to Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir.Constructing the railway route to this isolated region has involved significant engineering challenges, and although the first short section has a 2007 opening date, other major structures are two years behind.The alignment for the Kashmir Railway presents one of the greatest railway engineering challenges ever faced, with the only contest coming from the recently completed China-Tibet rail route which crosses permanently frozen ground and climbs to more than 5,000m above sea level. Whilst the temperatures of the Kashmir Railway area are not as severe as China, it does still experience extreme winters with heavy snowfalls. However, making the route even more complex is the requirement to pass through the Himalayan foothills and the mighty Pir Panjal with most peaks exceeding 15,000 feet (4,600 m) in height.The route includes many bridges, viaducts and tunnels – the lower section of the railway crosses a total of 158 bridges and passes through 20 tunnels, the longest of which is 11 km (six miles) in length. The greatest single engineering challenge is the crossing of the Chenab which involves building a bridge 359 m above the river bed, 1,315m long.This bridge will be the highest railway structure of its kind in the world, 35 m higher than the tip of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Both bridges are to be simple span bridges. Cor-Ten Steel is planned to be used to provide an environment friendly appearance and eliminate the need to paint the bridge. The design and structure is very similar to the New River Gorge Bridge

Road connectivity in Kashmir: The Srinagar -Leh national highway.

It is being project managed by the Konkan Railway Construction between Salal and Laole stations. Completion is scheduled for 2009, two years after the first isolated section of the route is due to open for local passenger services, and it requires the use of 26,000t of steel.All tunnels including the New Banihal Tunnel will be constructed using the New Austrian Tunneling method. Numerous challenges have been encountered while tunneling through the geologically young and unstable Shivalik mountains. In particular water ingress problems have been seen in the Udhampur to Katra section. This has required some drastic soltions using steel arches and several feet of shotcreteEven though the line is being built through a mountainous region, a ruling gradient of 1% has been set to provide a safe, smooth and reliable journey. More importantly Bankers will not be required making the journey quicker and smoother. It will be built to the Indian standard gauge of 1,676 mm gauge, laid on concrete sleepers with continuous welded rail and with a minimum curve radius of 676 m. Maximum line speed will be 100 km/h (60 mph). Provision for future doubling will be made on the major bridges. Additionally provisions for future electrification will be made, though the line will be operated with diesel locomotives initially. Kashmir is an electricity scarce region at present. There will be 30 stations on the full route, served by 10–12 trains per day initially.The Kashmir line will connect with the Indian Railways railhead at Jammu, where a 60 km access route has been built to Udhampur. The main sections of the route are between Udhampur and Qazigund – 75% in tunnels and the responsibility of Konkan Railway Construction Corporation – with the Qazigund-Baramulla section being constructed by Indian Railways.

Ever heard of a train running on a road? It does in Jammu and Kashmir

Set to chug in Kashmir's bewitching landscape in snowy February 2007, the first-ever trial train to Kashmir took off for the Valley on Tuesday not on traditional tracks but on the 300 km-long Jammu-Srinagar national highway, adding another historic chapter to the Rs 4,700 crore Jammu-Udhampur-Qazigund-Srinagar-Baramulla national rail project. "It is addition of another chapter to the history of Indian Railways and Kashmir's national rail project, as the first trial diesel mobile unit coach on Tuesday left for Kashmir's Budgam railway station by taking a road route and not a train track from Jammu railway station," Divisional Mechinical Engineer (Northern Railways) Shiv Ram told PTI. Soon after the 36-wheeled train pulled by a 460 HP special engine drove up the Jammu-Srinagar highway at 0700 hours, Ram said, "It sounds incredible, but the train is running on the highway from Jammu to Badgam via Srinagar. It has happened for the first time in the history of the Indian Railways that a DMU has run on a road." Amid chanting of mantras and showering of flowers, the train, fitted with 36 big truck wheels, zig-zagged through serpentine road as people watched it chugging on the highway along with trucks and buses. Struck by surprise as the train criss-crossed the highway, onlookers on roads, in buses and from houses thronging the road stood dumbfounded. "The only difference is that these trains are equipped not with normal iron wheels but with special truck tyres," Ram said. Such a spectacle, a rare feat of engineering, will become a reality as first of 24 coaches left for Budgam railway station in central Kashmir. This has been made possible by replacing iron wheels of the coaches with truck tyres, which will be pulled by a trailer-truck having 460 HP specially designed engine, he said. Feeling himself as a man walking into the history of Indian Railways and Kashmir rail project, driver of train Joginder Singh was a happy and proud person. Hailing from Bihar's Fazipora district, Singh said, "I have done Railways proud by carrying a most invaluable gift to Kashmiris." Determined to carry all the 24 wagons to Kashmir valley for facilitating commencement of train traffic in valley in February next year, Singh said: "I will drive this train to Kashmir in anyway and this would be a small step in integrating Kashmir with rest of the country through rail traffic. I have carried many heavy equipment and other items to difficult hilly and treacherous road tracks across India including Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, but this driving a train on kashmir hills is a challenge, a milestone to cross." Ram said once the coaches reached Badam railway yard, the truck tyres will be replaced by iron wheels for a normal run on rail tracks. Roads have been widened by cutting the corners wherever needed for the movement of this special vehicle, he added.

I got some Positive note from some different websites about Kashmir. I am so much hopeful for Kashmir. Sharing here some news and articles with courtesy to those websites:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bomb Blasts Suspects

Bangalore: Bangalore Police on Wednesday released the sketch of a person they suspect was involved in the twin blasts outside the M Chinnaswamy Stadium on April 17, moments before the IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers, Bangalore.
At least 17 people were injured in the two low intensity bomb blasts that took place in the generator room situated near Gate No. 12 of the stadium.
Here are the India's train blast suspects! I think that conductor was foolish.. because how can someone board a wrong train? 

Delhi blast toll rises to 11: What people say on it

Sumantha 37 seconds ago

As usual it is another failure of intelligence agencies and their co-ordination with other security agencies. This is really shame even after suffer of 50years of terror attack we still not able to establish strong intelligence agency backed with a rapid auction force.

Sk Bucha about a minute ago
sarkar ko aankitvadi gatno ko kese bhi rokna goha.

Munish Sharma 5 minutes ago
ek or blast....ek or janch kamety.....politicians ka ek dusre par aarop or bas ho gai jimmedari katam....maraa toh aam aadmi hay uski chinta kisko hay...par vote ke liya kasaab or unke jayso ko sarkari mahman banaa kar rakhna jaruri hay...sharm karo ????

S 17 minutes ago
It is the basic duty of the Govt. of a civilized nation to provide the security to its population but our politicians treat us as mere VOTE BANKS and don’t treat us as the working force of this country. But whom we should blame? In a country like India wherein 80 politicians out of 100 are thieves/corrupts/black money earners, there whom a common man should believe!!!! We have to know first whether DELHI-BLAST is HUJI made/Govt. made? I’m confused…..whether this incidence is a mere Intelligence Failure (as emphasized by several Electronic Medias) or the same has been created only to divert the center of focus from the several internal political problems as suffered by the current UPA Govt. If really HUJI is involved then it is the hightime to execute a STEALTH SEARCH AND SHOOT-AT-SIGHT OPERATION in the soil of our Western neighbour (which is the breeding ground of all sorts of terrorism) to destroy their terrorist hide-outs. In this regard USA should be our “guardian angel”. But if the same is politically motivated then it Should be the duty of the CIVIC SOCIETY to raise and demonstrate their protest (like Mr. ANNA HAZERE) which may force/pressurize the politicians to feel the heat/pain/anguish suffered by the common people of this nation on each day.

Sachin 40 minutes ago
our Police is very slow.

44 minutes ago
Love makes the life beautiful lovely and life to continue all over the world. The moment love dies in man or woman, one turns into negative attitude and plays in the hands of terrorism and one become terrorist. He kills without any feelings at street, high courts Masjid, temple, trains and schools etc. No technology can stop these merciless killings. We must bring and create more love in society to win over the negative citizens.

Poonam Singh 45 minutes ago
abe saalo chhup chhup k kyo waar karte ho haramiyo kisi insaan k janme ho to samne aao
sale kayaro isse kya hasil hoga tumhe khulkar kyo nahi batate ...............

are us khuda {bhagwan} se to daro berahmo......?

Anil Bali 53 minutes ago
The Government of India is re-telecasting its old film on earlier Blasts with its same actors, same dialogues, same story, same acting, same directors, same songs and all same sorry all same shame shame and shames and same shameful visible faces.

Veronica 55 minutes ago
Terrorism is a mundane, universal condition of modern life. Terrorism is an unfortunate by-product of the socio-economic inequalities of modern life ALONGSIDE the media provided universal awareness of same inequalities. How to change the status quo? How to be heard? How to face the future with belief in one's ability to achieve positive change? Too often these isolating discontents find release in an act of terror. Inbetween the acts of terror we are all terrorized by the tension of waiting for the next outburst. Governments aren't useless in protecting us from terrorism. But their reach is limited to be sure.

Amit about an hour ago

Arun about an hour ago
Dont condemn blast with words but with concrete action and with political will. But our politicians are only interested to condemn in strong words without actions. Hang first Kasab in public and give clear message to terrorists.

Balram about an hour ago
what are the cops doing man 'blast outside HC'!!!! fatal negligence on part of public govt and police

Saurabh about an hour ago
aakhir kab tak ye chalega?

Saibalkanti about an hour ago
The whole nation is stuckdumb with this hatred actions of the Pakistan based Terrorist Huzi & his alliance Laskar.in the Capital of India (high.security zone)..condole for our demised family...feel ashamed for the inaction of the Home Minister ,Chidambaram...yet no stern action has been taken...neither imposition of POTA has been inforced..after repeated & serial attack in Mumbai , Delhi & in others places too.....we do hate all this Terrorist,& their shelter & patronage from Pakistan...

Shridhara 2 hours ago
Years of delayed justice make these enemies of India feel that we are a sort target and even if they are captured they will eventually, be let off for whatever reason.

Denise 2 hours ago
I feel the crux of the matter lies in speedy justice for the perpetrators of these horrors. Years of delayed justice make these enemies of India feel that we are a sort target and even if they are captured they will eventually, be let off for whatever reason. One or two hangings are required so that everyone knows we mean business. Only then will they fear to tread incautiously and treat India with the respect and fear that we deserve.

Angad 2 hours ago
This is the only act of congress,they are bullshit,only sitting in the chairs,no act

Milan 2 hours ago
it's a very bad

EETT 3 hours ago

Kunwar Rajeshwar Singh Ka ... 3 hours ago
This was bound to happen sooner or later. The ruling party is back to it's favourite past time of diverting the minds of India's citizens off it's recent troubles. More such attacks will follow, you can be rest assured. They did it in Punjab, the North East, etc, whenever they were politically cornered. We the common citizens will continue to pay the price in our blood, murdered by our very own government.

Delhi blast toll rises to 11

AIIMS HELPLINE: 011-2610 1925 
RML HOSPITAL HELPLINE: 011- 2374 4721/ 2336 5525
8:00 pm: Come in the open and fight: Anna Hazare
Anna Hazare challenged terror elements and groups to 'come out in the open and fight' rather than target innocents.

'Come out in the open and fight. Don't target innocents in this manner,' Hazare declared, expressing his sympathies for the victims of the terror attack in New Delhi.

7:45 pm: Apex court may have parliament-like security
In the wake of the bomb blast at Delhi High Court Wednesday, the Chief Justice of India S.H. Kapadia is considering a security cover for the Supreme Court on the line of parliament in order to thwart any terror attack.

Chief Justice Kapadia, who visited the blast site later in the evening, asked senior counsel and MP Abhishek Manu Singhvi to give a detailed note on the security arrangement in parliament complex and the estimated cost of putting in place a similar system in the court. Read on

7:30 pm: Plastic based deadly explosive used in Delhi blast

Terrorists may have used hard-to-detect plastic-based explosive PETN in Wednesday's Delhi High Court blast -- the same substance used in the underwear bomb plot on a 2009 Northwest Airlines Flight 253 and by the 'shoe bomber'..

Sharing details of the 'preliminary' investigations, Secretary Internal Security U.K. Bansal told reporters that traces of pentaerythritol trinitrate (PETN) have been recovered from the blast site.

'But this is the result of preliminary investigation. Rigorous investigations are in progress,' Bansal said, indicating that the explosive traces found were not conclusive. Read on

7:15 pm: NO CCTVs in Delhi court even after May blastThere are no CCTVs in the Delhi High Court complex although Delhi Police had been reprimanded by the same court for security lapses after the May 25 blast.

'After May 25, Delhi Police should have learnt a lesson and installed CCTVs at all the nine gates of the court.

'This security lapse was highlighted in May when a bomb exploded in a parking lot near Gate 7 of the court,' said Delhi bar association chairman Rakesh Tiku. More on this story

7:00 pm: PM sanctions Rs 2 lakh each for victims of Delhi blast

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sanctioned Rs 2 lakh to the families of each of those killed in the blast outside Delhi High Court, an official statement said.

Rs.1 lakh each has been sanctioned to those injured.

6:40 pm: Blood donors flock to help blast victims

Volunteers flocked to donate blood at the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital where most of the victims of the Delhi High Court blast were rushed today.

'Ever since news spread that the blast victims have been brought here, we have been getting a lot of donors for blood donation,' an official of the RML hospital handling the helpline told.

'We have enough stock (of blood). So if anyone wants to donate, then they can enquire and come,' the official added.

Social networking sites like Twitter were abuzz that hospitals like RML were running short of blood.

6:20 pm: Suspects in Delhi High Court blast

6:00 pm: Delhi police release sketches of two suspects

Delhi Police on Wednesday evening released sketches of two suspects said to be behind the blast outside the Delhi High Court.

Police said one of the suspects was aged around 26, while the other was in his 50s. They added that these two suspects may have been part of a larger terrorist module of about four to five persons. 

5:45 pm: Delhi High Court functions after lunch
The Delhi High Court resumed work post-lunch, barely hours after a powerful blast at Gate No.5 of the compelx left 11 dead and 76 injured.

Putting up a brave face, Secretary of the Delhi High Court Bar Association D.K. Sharma said work was resumed to send across a message.

'We are functioning normally so that a clear message goes to the public at large that we are not bogged down by the terror attack,' said Sharma.

'It is the only the symbolic hearing that is happening in the courts. I hope that the government should learn some lesson on beefing up security outside court premises,' he said.

5:30 pm: Delhi blast exposes security, intelligence loopholes

Top security experts say that blast outside the Delhi High Court has 'exposed the loopholes in our security system' which 'has an inadequate and incapable intelligence gathering system and a weak counter-terrorism mechanism'. More on this story 

5:24 pm: Delhi High Court blast captured on mobile phone

5:17 pm: Delhi blast: US offers assistance to India

Condemning the bomb explosion outside the Delhi High Court that killed 11 people, the US Wednesday underlined solidarity with India and offered its assistance in bringing the perpetrators of the crime to justice.

'On behalf of all Americans, I extend deep condolences to the government of India and the families of those harmed in this morning's attacks on the New Delhi High Court,' US Charge d'Affaires Peter Burleigh said in a statement.

'Terrorism is a crime that affects us all. Bombings like today's demonstrate that our shared struggle continues against those who would commit such atrocities,' he said.

5:13 pm: Delhi bombing act of senseless violence: 
'This act of senseless violence, directed at one of the institutions of government, appears to have been planned to cause a high number of casualties among the general public,' Australian Prime Minister Julian Gillard's office said in a statement.

'We extend our sympathy and concern to the government and people of India at this time. Our thoughts are with the families of the innocent people who have been killed, and with those injured by the blast,' said the statement. 

5:10 pm: Rahul Gandhi visits hospital, blast site

Rahul Gandhi was heckled when he visited Ram Manohar Lohia hospital, where the maximum number of people injured in the bomb blast at the Delhi High Court have been admitted. He later visited the blast site.

5:00 pm: Delhi police releases sketches of two suspects behind the bombing.

4:50 pm: No CCTV at the Delhi High Court were working, IBNLive reports.

4:35 pm: HuJI claims responsibility for Delhi blast 

The Pakistan-based Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islami has claimed responsibility for the terror bombing outside the Delhi High Court complex.

In an email sent from an unknown location to various media houses, the HuJI claimed that the blast which left 10 people dead was the handiwork of the terror group, which also an affiliate in Bangladesh.

It demanded that the death sentence of 2001 parliament attack convict Afzal Guru should be immediately 'repealed'.

'We own the responsibility of today's blast at (the) high court (in) Delhi. Our demand is that Afzal Guru's death sentence should be repealed immediately else would target major high courts and the Supreme Court of India,' the email read.

4:25 pm: There was blood all over, says eyewitness

Delhi blast: There was blood all over, says eyewitnessA powerful blast took place at 10:15 am this morning at the Delhi High Court at Gate no 5. This is the second blast in four months at the Delhi High Court.

4:15 pm: Photos: Horror at Delhi High Court

4:00 pm: The death toll in the Delhi High Court bombing has risen to 11 making it the third worst terror strike since the November 2008 Mumbai attack.

3: 45 pm: Ammonium nitrate possibly used
'There is a possibility that ammonium nitrate was used,' Additional Commissioner of Police KC Dwivedi said.

In a July 27 notification, exactly two weeks after the July 13 triple bombings that killed around 25 people in Mumbai, the Indian government listed ammonium nitrate under the Explosives Act, 1884, and banned its open sale, purchase and manufacture.

3: 40 pm: Horror at high court: Splattered blood, flying body partsBlood splattered on the street, tatters of what were till a few minutes ago litigants' papers, heart-wrenching wails, disfigured men raising hysterical screams -- what was a regular bustling weekday morning turned into a nightmare.

Horror-struck lawyers, journalists, litigants and locals ran in all directions, stumbling into victims, bags and what looked like their remains, lying on the road.

It was only after the heavy smoke triggered by the 'terrible explosion' withered away did they come to terms with the monstrosity of the act. More here
3: 30 pm: High court blast is 19th attack in Delhi in 15 yearsThe bomb blast that killed at least 10 people and left 65 injured outside the Delhi High Court Wednesday morning is the 19th strike in the capital since 1996. Chronology of earlier blasts in Delhi
3: 00 pm: High alert in Andhra Pradesh after Delhi blast
Police were put on high alert in Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Tirupati and other major towns of Andhra Pradesh Wednesday after a bomb blast near the Delhi High Court killed ten people.

Three platoons of policemen were deployed at the Andhra Pradesh High Court.

Security was beefed up around the Nampally Criminal Court complex, other court buildings here in the capital and also at the assembly and secretariat complexes, places of worship and other important locations. More here
2: 45 pm: Don't speculate on blast: KhurshidLaw Minister Salman Khurshid urged people not to speculate on who exploded the bomb. 'It is a very sensitive issue and there is not enough information available immediately, we should not speculate,' Khurshid told reporters.
2:30 pm: NIA chief has announced that HuJI has sent mail claiming responsibility. The mail is being seriously looked at. More
2:10 pm: Injured to be compensated
Delhi govt announces compensation: Rs 1 lakh compensation for those seriously injured and Rs 50,000 for those who sustained minor injuries.
2: 00 pm: Rs 4 lakh to kin of dead

1: 55 pm: Blast is shocking and numbing, says Abhishek Manu Singhvi

Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi addessed the media outside the court. He said, "this is a terrible tragedy. This is something which is shocking and numbing. Our hearts go out to each litigant. They've come with great pressure and to be torn away suddenly out of the blue is terrible. 

1: 50 pm: Chemical analysis on bomb likely by evening, CNN IBN

1: 45 pm:
 Sheila Dikshit at RML hospitalDelhi CM visits the injured in RMLhospital and says doctors are doing the best they can.

1: 35 pm: Will not succumb to pressure of terrorism: PM
Dr Singh said that all political parties and people of India must stand united. The PM is expected to return to India this evening.

1: 25 pm: Major metros placed on high alert after Delhi HC blast
Major metros of India have been placed on a state of high alert after Wednesday morning's explosion outside gate number five of the Delhi High Court.

A decision to this effect was taken at a meeting of senior Home Ministry and police officials. The emergency meeting was chaired by Union Home Secretary R.K. Singh.

Thirteen members of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the bomb squad are at the blast site collecting evidence as to what caused the explosion at around 10. 15 a.m. this morning. More here

1: 20 pm: Terrorism in Delhi - A timeline
With today's bomb explosion outside the Delhi High Court, the number of terrorist attacks on the capital since 1997 has gone up to 30.

Among the most recent incidents, 59 people were killed and 155 injured during the October 18, 1997 serial bomb blasts that ripped through the markets of Sarojini Nagar, Paharganj and Govindpuri.

On September 13, 2008, five low-intensity explosions were set off within minutes of each other, beginning with Ghaffar Market, two explosions at Connaught Place, one at Barakambha Road and another near the Central Park Metro station at 6.31 pm. Blasts also rocked M-block market in Greater Kailash-I. Within seven minutes another bomb exploded in the same market. Twenty-five people were reported killed and 150 injured.

On September 27, two men on a motorcycle dropped a polythene packet containing a low-intensity explosive in the crowded Flower Market in Mehrauli. Three people, including a nine-year-old boy who picked up the bag, were killed and 21 people were injured.

On September 19, 2010, two armed men opened fire at Taiwanese tourists as they boarded a bus in the crowded Jama Masjid area. A Maruti car also went up in flames near the mosque, triggering panic. No casualties were reported though 14 injuries were claimed. The attack came two weeks ahead of the Commonwealth Games. 

1: 15 pm: PM's statement on the blast
Dr Manmohan Singh says the terror strike is a "cowardly act". Meanwhile, Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit visits at the RML hospital and HM Chidambaram visits the blast sight.

1: 10 pm: 
4 kg explosive used for the blast:  HT
Hindustan Times tweets, "4 kg explosive used for the blast, crater of 4x4 feet formed at the site: reports"

12: 36 pm: Chidambaram addresses Lok Sabha; 10 dead, 65 injured

Addressing the parliament on the blast, Home Minister P Chidambaram said 10 people have died while 65 are injured. The investigation into the blast will be handled by the NIA. He added, "Delhi is a target during parliament session. Delhi  is on high alert. Intelligence pertaining to threats from certain groups was shared in July. Right now it is not possible to identify those behind the attack yet. Despite Delhi Police remaining alert, the tragic incident occurred today. Govt unequivocally condemns today's attack...Condolences to families of those who lost their lives...I appeal to the parliament and the entire nation, we must remain resolute and united..." Read more

AIIMS HELPLINE: 011-26101925
RML HOSPITAL HELPLINE: 011- 2374 4721/ 2336 5525

12: 29 pm: Number of injured rises to 50
Special Commissioner Dharmendra Kumar said the number of injured admitted in various hospitals is at 50. Most of them have sustained leg injuries.
12: 07 pm: Opposition parties react to blast
BJP's Ravi Shankar Prasad: It is a matter of great distress...Why isn't the government taking any action? How many more deaths? There is no proper security, no intelligence inputs...We condemn the attack.
CPI's D Raja: We condemn the attack in all possible terms...the government should come up with the right probe and share what went wrong... what is going on, what is wrong with our intelligence network?  We strongly condemn this attack.  Nobody should go scot-free. There is a failure on the government's part.

12: 00 pm: SAFDARJUNG HOSPITAL HELPLINE: 011- 2670 7444 
11: 55 am: No intelligence inputs on the blast: MHA
11: 47 am: High intensity bomb used
Lok Sabha condemns the blast, is adjourned till 12:30 pm, reports HT.
11: 45 am: All metros on high alert
11: 35 am: MHA assesses situation
Times Now reports the MHA is in constant touch with investigative teams at the blast sight. The bomb was concealed in briefcase and place outside gate no 5.

11: 27 am: Delhi Blast: There was blood all over, says eyewitness"It was a powerful blast...there is a lot of blood there," said a shocked woman lawyer, who was just driving up to work at the Delhi High Court when the explosion took place near Gate no 5.

Lawyers said the blast could be heard at the Patiala House two or three kilometers away. Kavita, an eyewitness said she was in a judge's chamber when she heard the blast. "The windows rattled she said."  More
11: 17 am: 9 dead, 45 injured: Union Home Secretary
Medium to high intensity bomb used. He added that Delhi is on high alert and that investigations have begun.
11: 15 am:  Parliament adjourned, Home Minister to make a statement at 12:30 pm
11: 12 am:  NIA to help investigate
Besides the Delhi police and the forensic team, the NIA and NSG are also being rushed to the spot. 
11: 09 am: 4 dead, 30 injured: Special home secy
A lawyer tells NDTV, that gate no 5 used to issue passes to litigants. He also said that 10 am is peak hour. Special home secretary tweets that so far four have been confirmed dead and 30 injured.
11: 04 am: Officials confirm four are dead, reports HT
Hindustan Times tweets that officials have confirmed four people have died in today's blast.
11: 00 am: Second blast in 4 months
This is the second blast in the Delhi High Court premises. On May 25, also a Wednesday,  there was a low intensity blast.
10: 53 am: Blast happened at 10:17 am: Police
The blast happened in the area where people wait for passes to enter the court premises, said special officer Special Commissioner Dharmendra Kumar.
10: 46: Bomb could have been placed in a briefcase: Police
A police officer at the blast area say there is a possibility that the bomb could have been placed in a briefcase. Delhi police have asked people to clear the High Court area. The injured have been taken to Safdurjung hospital and RML hospital.

10: 43 am: HC building being evacuated: Lawyer
A lawyer present at the blast sight tweets, " Blast in delhi HC. Right in front of me. *shudders* the whole car shook" ..."The bomb was very powerful it seems. Everyone is outside. Lots of injured. The gates are closed now. Can hear sirens"...The bomb was very powerful it seems. Everyone is outside. Lots of injured. The gates are closed now. Can hear sirens"..."Many hurt. Building being evacuated. The Judges are themselves out in the corridor."
10: 40 am: Two feared dead, says NDTV
The nature of the blast is yet to be identified. So far, two people are feared dead in the explosion, reports NTDV, while CNN IBN says the number of injured may be around 20.
10: 38 am: Police cordon off the blast sight, fire tenders rush in. 
10: 35 am: The injured are being taken to Safdarjung hospital, reports Times Now
10: 30 am: Ambulance rushed in
Ambulance arrives at the explosion site. The number of injured is still not confirmed. The reason for the explosion is not known yet.
10: 25 am: Explosion outside Delhi High Court gate no 5

Blast outside Delhi High Court. Television channels report of injuries to people. There are more people at the court premises than other days of the week since Wednesdays are when PILs are heard